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Конференц-залы - The Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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The Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)
The Great Conference Hall of the NASU

The Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has gained widespread popularity as a highly professional congress center specializing in servicing assemblies of the highest order. It is a frequent venue of scientific congresses and conferences, political and economic forum, presentations of foreign companies, workshops and business seminars, negotiations and conclusions of contracts.

45 minutes from “Borispol” International Airport.
20 minutes from Kiev Railway Station.

Big Hall for Plenary Session
The Plenary Hall is designed in the style of classicism: lavish stucco moldings, gilded column capitals, and tastefully applied décor. The hall is equipped with a sophisticated sound amplification system, air conditioners, control panel for flexible illumination, and conveniently arranged outlets for any type of projectors and simultaneous translation equipment.

Room for Business Meetings
The room adjoins the Big Hall Plenary Sessions. It can be used in combination with the latter or independently as a comfortable place for meeting and negotiations, conclusions of contracts, and for the work of organizing committees.

Little Hall
The hall is equipped with a round-table microphone system to which equipment for simultaneous translation can be easily hooked up. Any type of projectors can be used in the hall.

Hall for Section Conferences
The Hall for Sections is equipped with a round-table microphone system and, given the same technical opportunities, it its multifunctional.

Yellow Hall
This hall is ideally adapted for workshops and business training courses. The inferior is supplemented by an extensible screen, a marker board, flip chart, projector, and, when necessary, equipment for simultaneous translation.

Round-table Hall
Used for low profile conferences and negotiations, the hall serves as a wonderful complements to the other halls on the second floor.

White Hall
The White Hall adjoins a little reception room and is designed in rational modern style. It is equipped with a system for sound amplification and simultaneous translation. The hall is also adapted for any type of projection equipment.

Green Reception Room
The Green Reception Room is designed in retro style. Antiquarian furniture, oil paintings, and artistically embellished panels lend the room an air of olden times and comfort. It is a wonderful place for negotiations, discussions and preparation of working documents for conferences.

The Technical Aspects of Conferences
The Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences has а perfect system of sound amplification and transmission that covers all halls.
Mobile infrared and cable systems of simultaneous translation саn be used in аnу of the halls in the complex. For participants in the functions we offer video systems, multimedia, overhead and slide projectors. Ргеsеntаtiоns of reports will be the more expressive and ocular with our flip charts, marker boards and other visual aids. Conferees are also offered the services of telephones and tape recorders for геgistering all the conference proceedings.

Dinning and Entertainment
The Hall for Banquet and Cocktail Reception are available upon the request.

Banquet-Meeting & Convention Facilities
RoomSq.MetersBanquetCocktailClassroomTheater Style
Big Hall for Plenary Session----250-280
Room for Business Meetings-1425--
Little Hall-46/848035-
Hall for Section Conferences-46/848035-
Yellow Hall-24/364520-
Round-table Hall-16---
White Hall-28/385020-
Green Reception Room-1015--