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Last news > Biometric passports will be issued in Ukraine
Biometric passports will be issued in Ukraine
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine promises to begin issuing biometric electronic passports this summer. źDue to technology EDAPS, Ukraine is completelly ready to issue biometric documents - said Deputy General Director of EDAPS Alexander Dranykov. - After the adoption of all solutions, the consortium will be ready to begin issuing of electronic documents biometric documents for all Ukrainians╗. Biometric passports will be cost about 50 euros. This kind of passports has an electronic chip. The size of this graphite chip is not more than a match head, but it\'s flat and contains biometric data of a person. This is the main condition for introduction of visa-free regime, which Ukraine signed with the European Union in Brussels. Mostly this chip contains photos, signature of a person, dabs and other information. According to the international classification there are 16 kinds of biometric data, for example, which contains picture of iris. However, in the global practice dabs consider the most authentic.