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19-03-2012 / Teambuilding
We all run somewhere, always in hurry. We loose most important things in this hectic: a child\'s smile, lover\'s eyes, friend\'s shoulder ... This is the fact: we do not know our neighbors on the landing, do not know anything other beside the name of the person work with in an office...

19-03-2012 / Compiled list of forgotten in hotels items
Sometimes the guests catch things belonging to the hotel, of course. But at the same time, tourists often overlooked their belongings. British budget hotel chain Travelodge has compiled rating of forgotten things, consists of items were lost by tourists last year.

14-03-2012 / French beat Russians in a poll for the rudest tourists
Russians have been named worlds second rudest nation in a poll carried out by an international travel search website, while the French people took first place in the bad manners competition.

13-03-2012 / EU will support development of tourism in Crimea
The European Union decided to support financially tourism development in Crimea under the program titled \\\" A joint initiative on cooperation in the Crimea\\\" for this will be allocated 5 million euros.

02-03-2012 / Treasures Exhibition in Lviv

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