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Kiev - Andriyivsky Uzviz (Andreevsky Spusk, Andriyivsky Descent)
Andriivskyj Uzviz
Andriivskyj Uzviz

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Andriyivsky Uzviz (Andreevsky Spusk, Andriyivsky Descent)

Andreyevskiy spusk used to be the shortest way from the Upper Town to Podol district. The name comes from the middle of 18th century. The Andreyevskaya Church was established by the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in 1744. It was constructed in 1753 under V.Rastrelli's project on the top of the hill. It's seen from Podol, old Vozdvizhenskaya street and close mountains.

According to the legend, Andrey The Apostle, having visited mountains above Dnepr, put there a cross and also predicted a great future of the city of Kiev. Since that time there were wooden churches.

There is also another legend: the place where the Dnepr now flows was once a sea. When St. Andrey has come to Kiev and has constructed a cross on the mountain where the Andreyevskaya church is now, all sea has gone away. But one part of it remained and was hidden under the mountain. When the church was constructed there the spring has opened under a throne. The church has no bells because, according to the legend, with the first strike the water can wake up and flood not only Kiev, but also the whole left bank of the Dnepr.

The main construction was conducted at the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th century. Andreyevskiy spusk has been renovated in an ancient style and has been used as an open exhibition and market place for Ukrainian national arts and souvenirs. It is sometimes called the Monmartre of Kiev. On any day and any weather you can see few artists there showing their works hanged out on the walls: samples of the applied art - jewels, utensils made of glass and ceramics, funny wooden sculptures, toys, medals, coins and many other interesting things. Sometimes the place is also used for actors' and singers' performances. There are a lot of small bars and cafes on Andreyevskiy spusk where people can relax and have fun.

It's very easy to feel the city's atmosphere on the edge of two centuries (19th and 20th). The house # 13 where famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov lived is of great interest. Nowdays the writer's museum is situated there.

There is another museum on Andreyevskiy Spusk. Things connected with the street's history from the ancient times to nowadays (pictures, photos) are exhibited there. There are a lot of picture galleries and art shops on the street. In the shady park below the church you can see the sculptures made by Ivan Kavaleridze.