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UKRAINE - Nature and climate of Ukraine

Nature and climate of Ukraine

Ukraine's relief is mostly flat. 95% of lands are plains and 5% are mountains. Ukraine's flat landscape is divided into three zones - mixed forests, forest-steppe and steppe.
Ukraine is located in two climatic zones: moderate and subtropical (southern shore of Crimea).
Ukraine belongs to the countries with moderate climate, and change of seasons can be clearly observed during the year.
Bowels of Ukrainian earth are rich with various minerals, including coal, iron ore, oil and gas, gravel, salt etc. Donbass is Ukraine's main coal production base. Oil and natural gas are located in Dnipro-Donetsk (80%) and Black Sea-Crimea regions.
Ukrainian mineral waters are very valuable. The springs are located in Mirgorod, Svalyava, Truskavets and Feodosia. Mud from towns of Evpatoria and Saki has good healing abilities.
Ukraine is a sea power. In the south it is washed by Black and Azov Seas. Black Sea's coastline in Ukraine is 1540 km. Southern location, favorable climate, sandy beaches make Black and Azov Seas one of the most important and attractive recreational spots in Ukraine.
Ukraine's territory is covered with dense network of large and small rivers. Their total number is 73,000. Ukraine has about 20,000 lakes. The biggest river systems are Dnipro, Danube, Dnistro, Southern Bug and Northern Donets. Dnipro (Dnepr) is the largest river in Ukraine. It is also third largest and longest river in Europe.
Ukraine has two highland areas: Carpathian Mountains in the west and Crimean Mountains on the territory of Crimean peninsula. Crimea is the best summer resort in Ukraine.
Ukrainian flora includes about 30,000 plants. Variety of Ukraine's natural conditions led to variety of species of animal world. About 44,800 animal species are found in Ukraine.