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Lviv - Architecture
Rynok Square
Rynok Square

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Rynok Square
The centre market square houses the City Hall with its 65 meter high tower. The four corners of the square are adorned by four decorative fountains depicting the Greek gods Amfitrita, Diana, Neptune and Adonis.

The Latin Cathedral of St. Maria
A majestic structure, named an architectural work in progress. It was built by a multitude of architects over centuries. Work on the project began in 1350 under the watchful eye of master craftsman Nychko in the Gothic style, and was finally completed in the 18th century by Piotre Polejowski. The interior of the church is adorned with frescos painted by S. Stroinski.

The Uspenska Church
Built in the 13 century in the renaissance style, the church is comprised of three buildings. The Church, bell tower and chapel. The oldest of which is the 65 meter Korniakt Tower, named in honour of its founder. In the 17th century the Uspenska church was the center of cultural life of the city.

The Dominikanskyy (Dominican) Cathedral
Legend states that the Cathdral was built on the spot where once stood the palace of Prince Lev. The impressive interior comprised of an elliptic cupola supported by eight pairs of columns is richly decorated with magnificent baroque vestment, featuring eighteen wooden sculptures of saints of the Dominican Order.

The St. Georges Cathedral
Is considered to be a pearl of Lviv architecture. This Greek-Catholic Cathedral is a beautiful monument in the style of barocco. The temple was built in the 18th century by the architect B. Meretyn. The church is located on a hill top, overlooking all of Lviv. There is a crypta under the cathedral, where lay in rest the sarcophagi of the Mytropolyt A. Sheptytskyy, Patriarch J. Slipyy, Metropolyt V. Sternyuk and Cardinal M.I. Lyubachivskyy.

The Opera House
One of the most beautiful opera theatres in Europe. Built in 1895 by architect Z. Gorgolewski. The richly sculptured faade features images of tragedy and comedy and of music and of drama. The interior of the theatre is very impressive with its hall of mirrors, lifelike sculptures and twelve painted canvases.

The Lychakiv Cemetery
One of the greatest European historical cemeteries. Many famous politicians, writes, artists, and religious leaders are buried here.

The High Castle
The highest point in Lviv. Was once the site of a magnificent castle, built by Prince Danylo. It is now a tourist site offering magnificent panoramic view of Lviv.