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Kiev - Khreshchatyk (Kreshatik) Street
Khreshchatyk Street
Khreshchatyk Street

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Khreshchatyk (Kreshatik) Street

Kreshatik is the central street of Kiev city. It goes through Starokievskiy and Pecherskiy districts and then from European square to Bessarabian square. At the end of 18th century a part of Kreshatnaya Valley from Horse square (now European square) where horse market usually was held to Proreznaya street is becoming a street with the building only on one (right) side.

In 1803 the buildings on the left side also appear. It's interesting that there were only apartment houses there exept the one - the first theater in Kiev built under the project of architect A. Melenskiy in 1802-1805.

In 1851 under the project of architect A.B. Beretti the first huge stony building for provincial assembly of nobility was built. Today on this place there is the House of trade unions. In 1838-42 the three floor building of The Noble Maidens Institute was built also under his project. In that time architect Beretti was also the owner of two floor hotel on the corner of Kreshatik and Bessarabskaya square.

From 1870 the trade and business life of the city gradually passes to Kreshatik. The building of the street becomes more active. In 45 years the solid wall of houses was raised. It were mostly three store houses with shops, banks and offices. In 1870-1914 on the former Kreshatinskaya square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti - The Square Of Independence now) the house of State Parliament was built under the project of architect Shilli.

In 1913-1914 under the project of architect Andreyev the Passage which consisted of two cases was built. The Passage was destroyed during the war and after the war was rebuilt and reconstructed. In the 1910 the market building on Bessarabskaya square was constructed. At the very end of Kreshatik on the place of contemporary European square there was the three floor building of Merchant Guild. Now The philarmonic hall which is famous for its acoustic is situated there. In the middle of 19 century in the beginning of Kreshatik the decorative garden Vladimirskaya Gorka was settled down. The stony 2-3 floor houses appear on the street. Building successfully emphasizes features of a landscape and is placed along street by separate houses in individual manors.

The sphere-shaped trees were planted on the sides of the street and the lanterns were settled down. 1936-1939 on the corner of Grushevskaya street the Central Mall was built under the project of architect Fridman.

During the war Kreshatik was partly destroyed during the war and then renovated. During the renovation it was transformed into wide highway. The changes also took place on the main square of the city - Maidan Nezalezhnosti. The huge building with the tower and courants was constructed there.