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Kiev - Pechersk
The Parliament of Ukraine and the Mariinskiy Palace
The Parliament of Ukraine and the Mariinskiy Palace

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The height that is situated to the south from Kreshatik consists of two districts - Pechersk and Lipki. The main highway of this district Grushevskogo street begins near Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, crosses Pechersk and then comes to the European square which is situated at the end of Kreshatik.

The Grushevskogo street was built up in 16th century. In the year of 1919 it was called the street of Revolution, from 1934 - Kirova street and in 1991 it was called Grushevskogo in the honor of the first Ukrainian president. The street is interrupted by the Fame Square with hotel "Salut" and The House Of Youth and by the Arsenal Square with the Arsenal building of Novo Pecherskaya Fortress and Nikolaev barracks. There were also the bridges and the gates to the fortress, which was defending the monastery.

A little bit downwards Mariinskiy Palace, which was built in the middle of 18th century under the project of famous architect Bartolomeo Rasstrelli, is situated. It was conceived as a residence of empress Ekaterine and was copying the French Versailles in the miniature. This baroque style palace is decorated in the manner of Louis The 16th. During the war it was ruined now. It was renovated later and nowadays it's used for the official for the official receptions.

In the year of 1936 the government began the construction of administrative buildings in Pechersk. One of them is the grandiose building of National Commissioners Soviet. Now the Minister Cabinet is situated there in this huge bulding which was built under project of architects I.Fomin and P.Abrosimov in the style of Soviet neoclassicism. Few years later the construction of Ukrainian parliament (Supreme Rada) building began under the project of architect Zabolotniy.

On the Grushevskogo street is situated the Museum Of The Ukrainian Art built in 1900 under the project of architect Gorodetskiy in the style of ancient Greek temple. The facade is decorated with sculptures of lions. Museum is one of the greatest treasuries of Ukrainian paintings, sculpture and graphics.