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Kiev - Podol
Podol - Kontraktovaya square
Podol - Kontraktovaya square

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Podol is a part of Kiev city near the Dnepr River; it's an ancient district of craftsmen and fishers. The contemporary arrangement of the streets is the result of the fire, which had happened in 8th June of 1811 and has destroyed all the wooden constructions. There are few descents, which lead from Upper Town to Podol. The most popular is the one called Andreyevskiy. Near on Pokrovskaya stand: Pokrovskaya church dating from the middle of 18th century in Ukrainian baroque style (architect Grigorovitch), the house of famous jeweler Strelbitskiy, belfry of the Kind Nikola church.

The center of Podol is the wide Kontraktovaya square, where very house is a historical and architectural monument. Also the monument to famous Ukrainian philosopher G. Skovoroda stands there. The recently renovated church of the Virgin Mary Pirogoshi also stands there (1136). From 1798 the all-Russian fairs usually took part on the square so the trading center with 50 shops was built there. There are a lot of sights on Podol. Among them there are Florovskiy monastery known from 15 century, Ilyinskaya church (1692), the Church Of Nikola Pritisk (1631), Naberezhno-Nikolskaya Church (1772, architect Grigorovitch-Barskiy), the manors remained from pre-fire constructions.

To the north from Podol stands Kirillovskaya church with fragments of ancient frescoes and also with paintings and iconostasis made by famous Russian artist M. Vrubel.