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Lviv - Lion's town

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Lion's town

Once upon a time, many centuries ago, the King of Volyn and Halychyna Danylo traveled around his land, accompanied with his son Prince Lev (Lion).
Crossing the Poltva River, he looked around and saw the hill not far away. “I will built a town there and the name of it will be Lviv in commemoration of your valor”, said the King. The Prince kissed the King’s hand and replied: “Oh, father, thank you! I will take a good care of the town named after me!”

At the end of XI – the beginning of XII centuries, a settlement was founded on Castle Mount and on the neighboring Mount – Princess Mount. It was one of many ancient Slavic towns belonged to the land of Kyivan Rus.

Lviv is one of a few cities of Ukraine called “the City of Kings”, complex mixture of Hungarian, Austrian and Ukrainian cultures. For more than 100 years, the Kings of Volyn and Halychyna State governed there, and the Kings of Poland Yan Sobesky and Michael Korybut-Vyshnevetski lived there as well.

In the XVI-th century, when the elections in Krakow city were dragged on for indefinite time, the attributes of King’s power of Rzeczpospolita had been saved in the City Hall of Lviv. Tsar Peter I, Emperor Nickolai II, the King of Sweden Karl XII, and Regent of Austrian and Hungarian Empire Franz-Josef Gabsburg visited this city many times.

Lviv is poly-ethnic, poly-cultural and poly-confessional city. There is located a pulpit of three archbishops, such as Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic and Armenian. At the medieval times, 4 Armenian churches, more than 10 synagogues and even 1 Muslim mosque were already built in Lviv.
The famous books of Ivan Fedorov were first published there.

For a long time, famous Europeans, such as the son of Mozart Franz-Ksaver Mozart and Solomeya Krushelnitskaya, Karl Lipinskiy and Modest Menzinskiy, philosopher Martin Byryr, famous mathematician Stepan Banah, and founder of philosophy school of Lviv and Warsaw, lived and worked in this picturesque and ancient city.

In 1998 year the city of Lviv was included in UNESCO World Heritage List.