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UKRAINE - Land and Nature
The Carpathian Mountains.
The Carpathian Mountains.

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Land and Nature

Ukraine is a large country, with land area totalling over 600 thousand square kilometers, exceeding in size France, and a population of 45 million inhabitants.

It has mountains in the extreme West (the Carpathians) and in the Southern end of Crimea (the Crimean mountains). Mount Hoverla in the Carpathians is the country’s highest peak at 2,061 m. The Dnipro, Ukraine’s longest river, is Europe’s third longest river (2,201 km), after Volga and Danube. More than a half of the country’s rivers belong to this system. The country is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in the South. The Northern and Western Ukraine are covered with thick woods, whereas the South of the country is a flat, stepp zone.

The climate is mostly temperate or continental across most of the country, except for the Southern Coast of the Crimean Peninsula, where it is subtropical and Mediterranian. The Carpathians, with their mountain rivers, and villages at the mouth of Danube, are very attractive for ecological tourism, while expansive beaches at the South of Crimea are ideal for water sports, angling and deep sea fishing. There are a lot of healthy natural mineral springs in many spots of the country, very good for the treatment of stomach and other deseases.