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UKRAINE - Culture and People
Kiev. The Independence Day
Kiev. The Independence Day

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Culture and People

There are endless options for leisure in all parts of Ukraine, in addition to resorts, beaches and cultural events.

They include biathlon, slalom, free style, forty-, seventy-, and ninety-meter ski jumps in the Carpathians winter resorts; horseback riding, fishing and diving, hiking, canoeing and mountain climbing in summer time, elsewhere in Ukraine. Other sports could also be offered, at tourists’ choice.

In Kiev and other big cities of Ukraine, in tourism zones of the Western Ukraine and Crimea, shopping opportunities abound.Handicraft shops and kiosks feature items typical of each region, and varied stores and boutiques offer fancy clothing (including the one made by the world famous French designers), artwork and decorative pieces, antiques, jewelry, gemstones. In Kiev there are also large and smaller modern shopping malls, with a great variety of goods made by local and international firms.

Night life in cities and tourist zones is well diversified: theaters, concert halls, restaurants with animation, local and international cuisine, night clubs, boat ride tours on the Black Sea and Dnepr river.