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Odessa - Sightseeing
The Potemkin Stairway
The Potemkin Stairway


Odessa is not only famous for its miles-long bathing beaches, it is also recognized for its most popular holiday resorts and well known in Europe the Opera Theater, Deribasov Street and Potemkin Stairs.

The Potemkin Stairway was originally constructed in 1837 with greenish-gray sandstone imported from Trieste, Italy and consisted of 200 steps. The design creates somewhat of an optical illusion making the steps seem bigger than their actual size as upper flights are 44.22 feet (13.4 meters) wide while the lower flights are 71.28 feet (21.6 meters) wide bordered on each side by 6.6 foot (2 meters) wide steps and seven landings connecting the present day's 192 steps.
The stairs name was taken from the battleship Potemkin and was to be later memorialized in the famous film of that name by the Russian producer Sergei Eizenstein.

More sites and history are to be discovered along Primorsky Boulevard when you explore Odessa along with the many other visitors and locals out strolling.
The nearby Opera Theatre is not to be missed and is located at 1 Chaikovskogo Lane. Directly in front of the theatre is the Square of Heroes with the names of famous Odessites.

Other theatres are the architecturally stunning Philharmonic, The Russian Drama Theatre, The Ukrainian Music & Drama Theatre, and the Circus.
The local museums are as follows: Archeological Museum, Wax Museum, Eastern & Western Art Museum, The Maritime Museum, Numismatic Museum, Literature Museum, Modern Art Museum, Pushkin Museum, The Picture Gallery, Odessa History Museum, and the unique Collection of A.B. Bleshunova (world adventurer).

Deribasovskaya Street is the walking street that is the heart of Odessa with its many cafes, shops, and restaurants.

Arkadia is the most popular beach and has the most happening there including nightclubs, boat rides, live music, restaurants and other entertainment on offer. Other good beaches are Delfin, Lanzheron, Chaika and Zolotoi Bereg, which is at 16th station Bolshoi Fontan.

In conclusion, we want to mention several of the beautiful parks & squares in Odessa. Shevchenko Park stretches along the sea just outside the center and covers 90 hectares with a wide variety of tree species, the monument to the Unknown Sailor and a stadium capable of seating 50,000.
The City Garden along Deribasovskaya with it's monument to the musician Utesov and its many handicraft vendors.
The Soborna Square across from the Passage Hotel with it's monument to M.S. Vorontsov and its many serious chess players.