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Odessa-Purcari (Moldova)

Odessa-Purcari (Moldova)
Arrival to Odessa. Meet and greet at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.
Check in.
Overnight stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel.
10:00-13:00 City tour – Odessa is the Ukraine"s crossroad of cultures, languages and trade. Your visit will include masterpieces of architecture, such as famous Opera and Ballet theatre, designed by Viennese architects, Potiomkinskaya Stairs, Primorskiy boulevard, the One-wall building. You will enjoy the view of Sea Port Terminal from the upside of Potiommkinskaya Stairs, see the Monument to Duke De Richelieu - the founder of Odessa, and of course, you will learn the history, stories, and legends of Odessa.
13:00-14:00 Lunch at the city restaurant on Deribasovskaya street with unique Odessa atmosphere. Deribasovskaya is the very heart of Odessa. What lends Deribasovskaya its unique character is magnificent architecture, tons of people leisurely sitting on terraces of numerous cafes and restaurants, perfect cobblestones, no vehicle traffic and big shady linden trees. Deribasovskaya leads to the City Gardens with its fountain, old summerhouse and sculpture of lion and lioness. City Gardens were laid out shortly after the foundation of Odessa and were its first park. The Souvenir Market with a crowd of artists and craftsmen demonstrating their works is situated right here.
14:00-17:00 Visit Fine Arts Museum, which is housed in an elegant former Pototsky Palace built in classical style in 1824-1828. In 1888 the mayor of Odessa, the famous patron of art and philanthropist G. Marazli bought the palace for the public art gallery. The main hall, the former ballroom, has a beautiful inlaid floor, intricate plasterwork and an exquisite Meisen porcelain chandelier. Then you"ll descend to the Grotto where you"ll be treated with champagne and listen to classical due music.
17:00 Return to the hotel.
Overnight stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel.
11:00-18:00 Tour to Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy. The fortress has no equal in Ukraine being most dramatic medieval monument. It is located on the high bank of the Dnister estuary on the foundations of the antique town of Tira V c. B.C. From three sides the fortress was surrounded with moats 10 meters wide that were linked by the locks with the estuary. Within centuries the walls and towers were continuously renovated to ensure the defense from different armaments. After 1812 the fortress continued to be the pillar of the south frontier defense system of the Russian empire at least 20 years onwards. Alongside with other sites Armenian and Greek churches of the XIII – XIV centuries, vestiges of the Greek ancient city of Tira the medieval fortress adds to the fame of Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy the ancient town founded 2,500 years ago.
Lunch at local restaurant with folk show.
18:00 Return to the hotel.
Overnight stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel.
Check out.
Tour to Purcari (Moldova) “History in a bottle”
If you are a wine enthusiast or just love to be in beautiful, pristine surroundings, with the song of a thousand birds surrounding you, Purcari is the place to visit: an historic “terroir”, the Purcari estate was established in 1827 by French winemaker M. Betier and German oenologist M. Harmizone. The estate lies on 300 hectares of traditional and newly planted vineyards.
Purcari’s quality focused wines have been recognized for their outstanding quality as early as 1847, where the now infamous Negru de Purcari won its first award, placing first at the Bessarabian Agricultural Exhibition and later winning the Gold at the prestigious Paris exhibition, much to the surprise of its world-class Bordeaux rivals. Negru and Rosu de Purcari have also been the choice wine for some of the world’s most recognized dignitaries including the Russian Emperor Nicolai II, King George V and Queen Victoria of Great Britain.
Only by visiting Purcari can you truly appreciate the beauty of its surroundings: a beautiful place for country walks or relaxing by the lake where one can also do some fishing! Your five star accommodation is also complemented with skillfully prepared Moldovan and international cuisine.
The exclusive Wine Tour of the Purcari Estate. Discover all the subtleties of winemaking in Purcari. Become familiar with the process by which this heavenly beverage comes to life. You can see with your own eyes the cellars where French-oak barrels are used to age wonderful, quality wines and such famous blends as Rosu de Purcari and Negru de Purcari. It is here that the wines acquire nobility, maturity, bouquet — all used to conquer people’s hearts and win high awards at prestigious world contests. The old mansion’s galleries feature great collections of Purcari wines, some bottles dating back to 1948. The Wine Galleries will charm you by their neatly arranged bottles.
Wine tasting. In the mansion itself, in the tasting room decorated in an old world style, you will have a chance to try the exquisite Purcari wines. The atmosphere of the room and its inherent magic attract true connoisseurs of quality where they can talk about the taste and character of the wine.
Lunch at the restaurant of the Purcari Estate. Any of your most bold gastronomic wishes will be fulfilled by a top-class chef. In a unique atmosphere of aristocracy, to the accompaniment of wood crackling in the fireplace, you will be served dishes specially cooked for you and you will have a chance to fully appreciate the noble character of the Purcari wines.
Free time. At the Purcari estate you will have a great choice of different activities: If you seek solitude, or if you simply like fishing, all you have to do is descend down the hill where you will reach the lakes. Your catch—carp or trout—will be cooked for you and, if you should so desire, served to you right there, in the arbor. Chateau Purcari has a well equipped tennis court, where you can challenge your friends and become lost in the heat of the game. And if you should have a liking for the cue and precision, then you will certainly enjo y billiards facilities.
Dinner at the restaurant of the Purcari Estate.
Overnight stay at the estate.

Breakfast at the restaurant of the estate.
Check out.
Transfer to Odessa airport.