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Hunting Conditions
Terms of Hunting
Back in the ancient times, it had been well known that hunting was the privilege of the Royal Families

The virgin nature and unique numerous games, beasts and hoofed animals make a perfect basis for hunt. From 10,000 to 80,000 hectares of the territory of Ukraine is covered with woods.
So, it is a paradise indeed for the real hunters!
All hunting farms have perfect location in the most picturesque parts of Ukraine that boast for being able to offer excellent hunting facilities, because they are rich in flora and fauna. In addition, from a travel point of view, a wide selection of fabulous sightseeing routes in these regions, promises plenty of excitement and makes traveling an enjoyable part of your life experience.

Hunting Conditions
Accommodation: Guest hunters houses equipped with all facilities are available on full boarding basis.
Hunting tour duration: 4-8 days.
Group: 4-8 persons.
During the hunting tour the hunters are accompanied by the interpreter and experienced huntsmen.